Arp Command Tutorial

ARP command is a network command used to list ARP table records and manipulate them. The ARP tables simply store IP Address and MAC address information for the IP and Ethernet networks. The ARP name comes from the Address Resolution Protocol which is used to resolve IP addresses into MAC addresses.

Display All ARP Records

The arp table contains all IP address and MAC address records. These records can be listed with the arp command by using the -a option like below. The following command can be used for both Windows and Linux operating systems to list all ARP records.

$ arp -a

Display Specific IP Address ARP Record

We can use the arp command in order to list specific IP address ARP records. The IP address is provided to the arp command as a parameter.

$ arp -a

Display Specific MAC Address ARP Record

We can also display specific MAC addresses for the ARP table. For Windows operating systems the following command can be used to match specified arp records.

$ arp -a | find "00-50-56-f6-2c-16"

For Linux distributions like Debian, Ubuntu, Kali, CentOS, RHEL, Fedora, etc. the grep the command can be used to filter MAC addresses from the ARP table.

$ arp -a | grep "00-50-56-f6-2c-16"

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