Best Online SSL/TLS Certificate Checkers

SSL/TLS certificates are used to secure HTTP connections by converting them into HTTPS. Even installation and using SSL/TLs certificates are very simple today they provide a lot of different attributes and features. Online SSL/TLS Certificate Checkers can be used in order to list detailed information about the specific website or domain SSL/TLS certificates.

SSL Shopper

The SSLShopper is one of the most popular SSL/TLS certificate check. Just provides the domain name or web site address to the following URL checks details of the given SSL/TLS certificate details. The SSL Shopper provides following information about SSL/TLS certificates.

SSL Shopper Certificate Checker
  • Server IP Address
  • Server Type
  • Sertificate Trust Status
  • Certificate Expire Date
  • Certificate Hostname
  • Common NAme
  • SANs
  • Organization
  • Location
  • Valid From Date
  • Valid To Date
  • Serial Number
  • Signature Algorithm
  • Issuer


DigiCert is a Certificate authority which provides digital certificates including x509 and SSL/TLS to its clients. The SSL/TLS certificate can be checked by using DigiCert online tool with the following URL. The DigiCert SSL/TLS certificate check provides following information about the SSL/TLS certificate.

DigiCert SSL/TLS Checker
  • Server Type
  • Common Name
  • Subject Alternative Names
  • Issuer
  • Serial Number
  • SHA1 Thumbprint
  • Key Length
  • Signature Algorithm
  • OCSP Staple
  • OCSP Origin
  • CRL Status
  • Certificate Expire Date
  • Whether Certificate Matches with DOmain NAme
  • Whether Certificate Installed Correctly

Qualys SSL Labs

The SSL Labs is a tool provided by Qualys. It requires the domain name or site address in order to check the SSL/TLS certificate. the Qualys SSL Labs provides grades for the provided domain name or web sites SSL/TLS certificate. In the following example, is rated as B.

Qualys SSL Labs


GeoCerts is another Certificate Authority which provides x509, SSL/TLS certificates to its clients. The HTTPS protocols use TCP 443 by default but the GeoCerts SSL/TLS checker provides the ability to provide non 443 port explicitly. For example if the specified domain or web site runs HTTPS over 1443 the GeoCert can be used to check the certificate by explicitly specifying the HTTPS port.

The GeoCert SSL/TLS checker provides following information about the checked SSL/TLS certificate.

  • Common Name of SSL/TLS Certificate
  • Issuing Certificate Authority
  • Organization
  • Valid Time
  • Key Size
  • Subject Alternative Names (SANs)
  • Certificate Expiration
  • Certificate Common Name (CN) and Hostname Match
  • DNS
  • Server Type
  • Certificate Chain

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