qsort() Function In C and C++

C Programming language provides the qsort() function in order to sort integers in an array. The array should consist of numbers which can be integers, long integers, or floating-point numbers. The qsort() function also called comparator it is used to compare numbers and sort them properly. In this tutorial, we examine the qsort() function syntax, … Read more

PHP try…catch Exceptions

PHP programming language provides try and catch statements in order to manage exceptions. The exceptin means an unexpected situation for an application that prevents the execution of the statements and interrupts the execution with errors. The try statement block is used to check any exception and the catch statement block is used to execute code if there is an error in … Read more

Array Append In JavaScript

JavaScript provides the array type in order to store multiple items in a single object and iterate them easily. The Array is very similar to the other programming languages’ list type. We can add a new item to the arrays by using different methods in JavaScript. In this tutorial we examine push(), concat(), unshift(), spread syntax, and … Read more

How To Check Undefined In JavaScript?

JavaScript objects are dynamic objects and can be created and deleted in a fast way. Sometimes we may need to check the object or other elements if they are defined or undefined. There are different ways to check if the object is undefined in JavaScript. Check with console.log() Method The console.log() method is created in … Read more

Configure Global Username In Git

As a popular source code management system Git provides different configurations. The current developer username is one of the most popular configurations. If the Username is not set for a repository we can not commit. The Username can be set in different modes like repository level, user level, global level, etc. If we set the … Read more