qsort() Function In C and C++

C Programming language provides the qsort() function in order to sort integers in an array. The array should consist of numbers which can be integers, long integers, or floating-point numbers. The qsort() function also called comparator it is used to compare numbers and sort them properly. In this tutorial, we examine the qsort() function syntax, … Read more

C sleep() Function Tutorial

The C programming language provides different functions which sleep() is one of them which is used to stop the current process or thread execution. The sleep() function is used to wait for a specified number of seconds, milliseconds, or minutes. Include uninstd.h Library In Linux Different C implementations provides different libraries in order to use … Read more

sizeof() In C Programming

How To Compare String In C?

C programming language provides the sizeof() function or operation in order to get the size of the specified variable, array, or object. The sizeof is very popular and used in different ways with different scenarios. The sizeof is very useful to get an object size in order to allocate required memory. sizeof() Syntax The sizeof() … Read more

How To Compare String In C?

How To Compare String In C?

C programming language provides the strcmp() function in order to compare strings. Strings are represented as character or char arrays in C. In this tutorial, we examine how to compare strings in C programming. strcmp() Function Syntax The strcmp() function syntax is like below. STR1 is the first string. STR2 is the second string. If … Read more