Array Append In JavaScript

JavaScript provides the array type in order to store multiple items in a single object and iterate them easily. The Array is very similar to the other programming languages’ list type. We can add a new item to the arrays by using different methods in JavaScript. In this tutorial we examine push(), concat(), unshift(), spread syntax, and … Read more

How To Hide Scrollbar Using CSS?

Web browsers provide scrollbars in order to navigate long web pages horizontally or vertically. Even though they are useful for navigation times we may need to hide the scroll bar for different website themes etc. The CSS can be used to hide scrollbars and we examine how to hide scrollbars using CSS in this tutorial. … Read more

CSS Text Underline Tutorial

CSS is used set style for the HTML elements. The CSS text-decoration can be used to underline an HTML element generally text, paragraph, headers, etc. In this tutorial we examine different text underline examples with the CSS text-decoration. Text Underline The <p> tag can be used to underline text using CSS. The text-decoration can be … Read more

JavaScript append() Tutorial

Javascript provides the append() method which is used to insert some objects like elements, text, etc. The append() method is provided by a JavaScript element. In this tutorial, we examine how to append new text or element into an element. Append An Element One of the most popular use cases for the append() method is … Read more

HTML/JavaScript onclick() Event

HTML/JavaScript onclick() Event

HTML or JavaScript provides the onclick() event, in order to fire some actions when an HTML element, is clicked. The onclick() event can be used with different HTML elements like buttons, labels, text, etc. The JavaScript function or script is set as the onclick() attribute value to take some action. onclick Attribute Syntax The onclick … Read more

PHP cURL Tutorial

PHP cURL Tutorial

The cURL or Client for URLs is a popular tool and library used to download and upload files by using different protocols like FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, Telnet etc. PHP provides the cURL library libcurl natively as a built-in library. cURL Functions The PHP cURL library provides the following functions. Function Description curl_init() This function is … Read more