Regex Whitespace Tutorial

Regex or Regular Expression is used to specify different patterns and use them to match in a file or command output. Regex provides different predefined characters where whitespace is one of the. Especially between words whitespaces are used to separate them. We can use the \s in order to define whitespace. Regex Whitespace Regex whitespace … Read more

C sleep() Function Tutorial

The C programming language provides different functions which sleep() is one of them which is used to stop the current process or thread execution. The sleep() function is used to wait for a specified number of seconds, milliseconds, or minutes. Include uninstd.h Library In Linux Different C implementations provides different libraries in order to use … Read more

JavaScript append() Tutorial

Javascript provides the append() method which is used to insert some objects like elements, text, etc. The append() method is provided by a JavaScript element. In this tutorial, we examine how to append new text or element into an element. Append An Element One of the most popular use cases for the append() method is … Read more

What Does “href=javascript:void(0)” Mean?

What Does "href=javascript:void(0)" Mean?

The javascript is used for different actions in an HTML document. The href is an attribute to specify hyperlink reference with the <a> tag. The href attribute can be used with Javascript code like javascript:void(0) . In this tutorial, we examine what the “href=javascript:void(0)”. href=javascript:void(0) Let’s start investigating the meaning of the “href=javascript:void(0)” by separating … Read more

How To Convert String To Int In Java?

How To Convert String To Int In Java?

Java programming language provides the String type in order to store single or multiple characters. The int or integer type is used for numbers in a mathematical way which can be used in mathematical calculations. One of the most popular Java operations is converting string to int. Convert String To Int with parseInt() The parseInt() … Read more