Dell BIOS Key Tutorial

BIOS is used to start a computer and trigger the operating system to start. The BIOS mainly works during system initialization like selecting boot disk, hardware configuration, network and USB configuration, etc. Dell computers have BIOS and in order to enter the Dell computer BIOS, the Dell BIOS key should be used during boot.

Dell BIOS Keys

Different Dell models may use different keys to enter BIOS. The default and most used BIOS key is the F2 . After starting the computer press multiple times to the F2 key unless the BIOS starts. If the F2 does not work to enter Dell BIOS use the F12 to enter BIOS. Even if the F12 key does not work use the DEL key to enter BIOS. There are some alternative keys below.

  • F2
  • F12
  • DEL
  • F3
  • F1
Boot Sequence in BIOS is empty, Legacy option is greyed! - Dell Community

Save BIOS Configuration Changes

There are different configurations related to the system which are provided via Dell BIOS. Boot sequence, Video RAM, Security, Wireless, Virtualization, Performance, etc. can be configured via the Dell BIOS. These changes should be saved into BIOS to make them effective. The F10 key can be used to save BIOS configuration for Dell computers.

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