Git Global Config Tutorial

Git provides different configurations like username, email, preferred text editor, etc. These configurations can be set in different levels where they are used according to their levels. The Global Git Configuration is used globally where it affects all git repositories unless there is a local or repository-based configuration. In this tutorial, we examine how to configure git globally.

Git Global Config File

The global git configuration is stored in a file named .gitconfig . This file contains configurations line by line and is stored in different paths for different operating systems. The USERNAME is the current user’s username.

Linux sudo/root/

How To Set Global Git Configurations

The git config command is used to set or change git configurations. The --global option is added to the “git config” file.

$ git config --global "İsmail Baydan"
$ git config --global ""
$ git config --global core.editor "vim"

How To Set Global Username

We can set the user name globally by using the option. In the following example, we set the global user name as “İsmail Baydan”.

$ git config --global "İsmail Baydan"

How To Set Global Email

In the following example, we set the global email configuration as “”.

$ git config --global ""

How To Set Global Text Editor

Some git operations like creating a commit, adding comments, etc. require a text editor which is generally used via the command-line interface. Even though git uses the default system text editor we can also specify another editor globally.

$ git config --global core.editor "vim"

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