How To Find Serial Number on Macbook/MacOSX?

Mac products like Macbook, iPhone, iPad provide a serial number in order to uniquely identify every device. This serial number can be used for different cases like tracking the software or hardware and assigning it to different persons. Creating support tickets and hardware problems in order to track them via software. The serial number can be also used to track the warranty and remaining time.

Find Macbook Serial via Surface

The MacBook serial number is stored both physically and logically. In order to access the Macbook serial without starting it and logging into MacOSX under the Macbook, the serial number is provided. Just look under the Macbook which contains a serial number of 12 characters. Even it is called a serial number it is actually a number and alphabet characters. Below is a sample Macbook serial number.

Sample MacBook Serial Number:


Find Macbook Serial via About This Mac Menu

The MacBook serial number can be also found via the operating system. Just take the following steps to open System Preferences which lists the Serial Number like below.

  • On the upper left corner click to the Apple Icon
  • In the menu click to the About This Mac
Find Macbook Serial via About This Mac Menu

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