How To Get Help In Windows 10?

Windows 10 is the most popular desktop end-user operating system. A lot of users from different expertise levels use Windows 10 for different reasons. Windows 10 is the latest version of the Microsoft Windows operating system series which is developed for 40 years. It gained a lot of popularity, features, and reliability throughout 40 years but even today you may face problems or require help about existing or new features. The following list provides common help and solution methods for Windows 10.

  • Get Help App
  • Tips App
  • F1 Help Shortcut
  • Contacting Microsoft Support
  • Help with Start Menu Search
  • Getting Started with Windows 10
  • Using Troubleshooters
  • Searching Microsoft Support Websites
  • Google Search
  • Windows Books
  • Local Computer Service

General Help Topics For Windows 10

Windows 10 has a big user base where different types of users need different types of helpful information. Below we will list some of the most common help topics about the Windows 10 operating system.

  • Installation and Upgrade Help
  • Performance and Maintenance Help
  • Network and Sharing Help
  • Divers and Hardware Help
  • Graphic Cards Help
  • Sound&Audio Help
  • Software and Apps Help
  • Microsoft Office Help
  • Backup and Restore Help
  • Windows Update and Activation Help
  • User Account Help
  • Browser and Outlook Email Help
  • Antivirus, Firewall and System Security Help
  • Virtualization Help
  • Customization and Theme Help
  • Gaming Help

Get Help App

Get Help App is the official application provided by Microsoft to provide support to the Windows users. It was previously known as Contact Support . Simply it will get information about the help the user needs by expecting the user to specify the problem in detail with the questions. Generally, first help will be a solution with online help articles but later stages the user will be connected to the Microsoft customer service employees. Get Help can be started from the start menu typing its name like below.

When the Get Help app is opened you will see the following screen which is a virtual assistant or agent. As stated previously the virtual assistant will try to understand your problem with questions and provide help articles. But if you want to talk with a real human from Microsoft support just say “I want to talk human” like below.

Get Help App is A Virtual Agent

As you can see above the Virtual Agent will ask you a lot of questions to narrow down the problem topic and redirect to the right support person. You can use the Get Help App in order to get help from different topics like PowerPoint, SQL Server, Visual Studio, etc.

Tips App

The Tips App provides a similar user experience to Get Help App where it provides short and simple tips about different topics for Windows 10. The Tips App can be opened from the Start menu by typing its name like below.

Open Windows 10 Tips App

Tips App main screen provides new tips under the What’s new and remote working tips under Work remotely. Also, the tips search bar can be used to get tips about specific topics.

Windows 10 Tips App Main Screen

As an example when you search for the Microsoft Edge the Tips App will suggest different topics related to Microsoft Edge and after selecting the one you will see the following screen with an animated picture to describe tip.

Microsoft Edge Tips App Help

F1 Help Shortcut

F1 is a keyboard key and shortcut used for 40 years and provided with most of the keyboard types. F1 is a traditional way to get help about different topics. F1 can be also used for Linux and related distributions like Ubuntu, Mint, Debian, etc. F1 is a content-based help method where it will call currently active application help function which is generally a tutorial, reference guide, link, etc. For example, if you press F1 while using Google Chrome browser you will be redirected to the Google Chrome Help page like below.

Access Google Help with F1

Contacting Microsoft Support

Even the Get Help App provides Microsoft Support you can also use the web site in order to get help with Windows 10. The support web site provides different topics to solve problems an get more support from Microsoft Community, Assisted Support Options, and Contacting Support.

Contacting Microsoft Support

Get Help From Microsoft Answers

Microsoft Answers is another tech community provided by Microsoft to provide support about user questions. This web site provides help with most of the Microsoft products from Outlook to Xbox. By selecting categories and subcategories you can look previously provided help and support information or ask a new question.

Get Help From Microsoft Answers

Help with Start Menu Search

Even not designed to provide support and help Start Menu Search function can be used to get help about Windows 10. just type what do you want to the Start menu search box and it will provide you some helpful information by querying the Bing search engine. For example, using “check ip address” question will be answered like below.

Help with Start Menu Search

Google Search

Google is the holy book of IT where you can find help and support about different topics for Windows 10. Just write your question and add Windows 10 to the end of your Google Search query. Maybe Google can provide better help than Microsoft for Windows 10.

Windows Help Books

As a popular operating system, a lot of books are written for Windows 10. You can easily find a book about Windows 10 as hardcopy or digital. As an example, Future Publishing published the Windows Help&Advice book to provide reliable and professional help about Windows 10.

Local Computer Service

Even it is the last choice to get help with Windows 10 calling the Local Computer Service it may be a better choice for novice level users. Especially more technical problems may require some basic level IT knowledge you may not have. So just call your local computer service which will solve your problem without navigating the web, Microsoft web site, running apps, etc.

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