How To Reboot/Restart Computer/PC?

Computers are designed to run endlessly but there are some cases where they need to rebooted properly. The rebooting term comes from a boot where boot means starting the computer. The reboot term means restarting the computer first stopping and then starting. There are different ways to reboot or restart computers. In this tutorial, we explain how to reboot and restart computer via Power Button , Start Menu or Command Line Interface .

Reboot Computer via Power Button

Computers or PC contains the Power Button in order to start, shutdown and restart. The power button generall located on the near the screen in laptops and middle of the case for desktop computers. First press the Power button for 1-2 seconds which shutdowns the computer in a normal way. After the computer is completely shutdown press 1-2 seconds to the power button which starts or boot the computer.

Reboot Computer via Start Menu

Windows and Linux operating systems provides the Start Menu or similar menu in order to provide shortcuts to the applications, tools or computer management.

  • First, click on the Start menu button like below. This opens the Start Menu.
  • There click on the Power icon.
  • In the Power menu click to the Restart like below.
Reboot Computer via Start Menu In Windows

In Linux operating systems there are different desktop environments. So there are different desktop and start menu designs but in general, they provide a similar experience to reboot or start the computer.

  • First click to the power button in the right upper corner in the Ubuntu desktop.
  • There click to the Power Off/Log Out like below.
  • The las step is click to the Restart like below.
Reboot Computer via Start Menu In Linux

Reboot Computer via Shutdown Command

Another way to reboot or start a computer is using the command line interface. In Windows operating systems the shutdown command can be uesd in order to reboot computer.

> shutdown -r

In Linux distributions like Ubuntu, Mint, Debian, CentOS, RHEL etc. the reboot command can be used to reboot and restart the computer.

$ reboot

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