How To Restart MacBook Pro?

Apple MacBook Pro provides different ways to restart. The restart can be required to install updates, solve problems, start a fresh system, etc. In some cases, the restart operation can stuck and we may also require to force the restart. In this tutorial, we examine different ways to restart MacBook Pro in regular and forcing ways.

Restart MacBook Pro via Apple Menu

The easiest way to restart MacBook Pro is using the Apple Menu. The GUI can be easily used with a few clicks. First click to the Apple Menu on the left upper corner.

From the Apple, Menu click to the Restart like below.

If there is a confirmation box like Are you sure you want to restart your computer now? Check the Reopen windows when logging back in . When this option is selected after the restart and logging back currently opened windows are opened automatically.

Restart MacBook Pro via Keyboard Shortcut

MacBook Pro also provides keyboard shortcuts in order to restart the system. The keyboard shortcut is used open the restart dialog box where we can easily restart without navigating in the Apple Menu. This can be especially useful if the GUI froze. Different versions of the MacBook Pro provide different keyboard shortcuts. Just try following keyboard shortcuts.


Restart MacBook Pro via Terminal (Command Line Interface)

Another way to restart MacBook Pro is using the command line interface or terminal. The reboot command is used to restart the system. First, we open the terminal via the Launchpad.

Then run the following command. The sudo is used to run the reboot command with root or Administrator privileges.

$ sudo reboot

The sudo command asks for the current user password to get root privileges.

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