How To Set and Use Google DNS Service In Windows and Linux?

All ISP’s or Internet Service Providers provide DNS services for their customers. And most cases their customers use their DNS services by default which is also set as in their routers, ADSL Modems, etc. Google provides DNS service in order to prevent ISP-related blockings and also provide a fast and secure experience. Google DNS service is a free DNS service that can be easily set for computers, laptops, PCs, and Linux, Windows MacOSX operating systems.

Google DNS Service IP Addresses

Google is a user and a human-friendly company that provides its services very easy to use even for novice users. For example, the Google Search engine is very easy to use just type and press Enter to make a search with little effort. Google also provides very easy-to-remember DNS service IP addresses where you can not forget.

Primary Google DNS Server IP Address:

Secondary Google DNS Server IP Address:

Set and Use Google DNS Service For Windows

Event there are different ways to set and use Google DNS for Windows operating system the most straightforward and easy way is using the Network Interface Properties. First, we will open the Network Interface Properties. The Network Interface can be a Wireless NIC or Ethernet Card. You must select according to your needs. Right-click to the Network Connection in the Task Bar like below.

The in the Status screen we click to the Change adapter options like below.

Change adapter options

The network interfaces are listed in this screen where we use an Ethernet connection which is named as Ethernet0 . Right-click to the network interface icon and select the Properties.

Open Network Interface or Ethernet Properties

In the Ethernet0 Properties screen double click to the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IP4) which opens the properties.

In the Internet Protocol Version, 4 Properties screen click to the Use the following DNS server addresses in order to use the Google DNS server. Put the as the Preferred DNS server and as the Alternate DNS server.

Set Google DNS server

The last step is to click OK button for the current other screens.

Set and Use Google DNS Service For Linux

There are different Linux distributions like Ubuntu, Debian, Mint, Kali, Fedora, etc. We can set and use Google DNS service by using different methods but the easiest way is using the GUI. In the following example, we use the Ubuntu distribution to set and use Google DNS Service. First, click on the Network icon in the taskbar like below which lists the Network Interfaces and connections. Select the network interface which is Ethernet(ens33) in this case. Then as the last step, we click to the Wired Settings to open settings about this network interface.

Open Network Configuration In Ubuntu

From the network settings screen click to the Configuration icon for the network interface Ethernet(ens33) .

Open Network Interface Configuration

In the Network Interface, the Configuration screen clicks to the IPv4 tab and then click the Automatic configuration to disable automatic DNS server configuration. The put the Google DNS service IP address to the DNS text box like below. The last step is clicking on the Apply button to make the Google DNS service active.

Wired Connection Google DNS Service

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