Is KB Bigger Than MB?

KB and MB are two popular storage units used in computing. The KB is the short form of the KiloByte and the MB is the short form of the MegaByte .The KB and MB are generally confused about which one is bigger or represents more data.

KB (KiloByte)

The KB or KiloByte is a storage unit size where it consists of 1000 bytes or 1024 bytes. The KB is used as a unit symbol. A typical directory or folder takes 4KB storage without its contents. Also, a typical simple executable file generally takes sizes between 1K and 500K .

MB (MegaByte)

The MB or MegaByte is a storage size where it consists of 1000 KB or 1024 KB. The MB is also expressed as 100.000 bytes or 1024*1024 bytes too. The MB is one level upper storage format for the KB.

1 KB vs 1 MB

Let’s start the comparison of 1 KB with the 1MB. As stated previously MB is a level higher size unit for the KB. So 1 MB consist of 1024 KB. This makes the MB unit bigger and higher than the KB.

1000 KB vs 1 MB

1024 KB is equal to 1MB. So we can say that they are the same where 1000 vs 1MB.

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