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Raspberry Pi is popular hardware that is cheap and based on ARM architecture. Raspberry Pi is open-source hardware in general and mainly follows the Linux and Unix philosophy. There are different operating systems that run on the Raspberry Pi most of them are Linux-based. Raspberry Pi also supports the Windows operating system. One of the first things after installing and booting the Raspberry Pi is login in. The provided operating systems have different default usernames and passwords. These default passwords are used to log in to the Raspberry Pi via terminal, SSH, VNC, etc.

Raspberry Pi – Default Login & Password

The Raspberry Pi distributions or operating systems default users and default passwords are provided in the following table. The official and most supported operating system for the Rasberry Pi is Raspbian which is a Debian fork.

Operating SystemDefault UsernameDefault Password
Arch Linux ARMrootroot
Kali Linux ARMroottoor
Lakka Linuxrootroot
RISC OSn/an/a
Raspberry Pi Default Usernames

Login Raspberry Pi with Default Username and Password

You can log in via the Linux console which can be a command-line interface or a GUI-provided desktop environment. Also, the SSH protocol can be used to log in remotely by using the default user and password like below. In this example, if the installed operating system is Ubuntu the username will be ubuntu and the password will be also ubuntu according to the default username and passwords table. But keep in mind that in some cases and operating systems the SSH may be disabled. In order to log in to SSH with the default username and password first, enable the SSH service.

$ ssh ubuntu@

Change Raspberry Pi Default Password

Default passwords are used to make setup easier for the users by making login and installation simpler. But using the default user and password is not a good practice from a security point of view. So after setup is complete change the password with a more secure one. Even create a different user for yourself and use this user. Use the passwd command which will change the current user password.

$ passwd

If you want to change another user’s password just specify the username after the passwd command.

$ sudo passwd ismail

You can also change the root user password by using the passwd command and providing the root username.

$ sudo passwd root
Raspberry Pi Default Password Infographic

Create New User Other Than Default User

After logging in with the default user of the Raspberry Pi the best practice is to create a new user for personal use. The adduser command is used to create a new user. In the following example, we create a new user named “ismail”.

$ adduser ismail

Then we can set the newly created user password with the following passwd command.

$ passwd ismail

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