What Does “href=javascript:void(0)” Mean?

What Does "href=javascript:void(0)" Mean?

The javascript is used for different actions in an HTML document. The href is an attribute to specify hyperlink reference with the <a> tag. The href attribute can be used with Javascript code like javascript:void(0) . In this tutorial, we examine what the “href=javascript:void(0)”. href=javascript:void(0) Let’s start investigating the meaning of the “href=javascript:void(0)” by separating … Read more

What Does “javascript:void(0)” Mean?

What Does "javascript:void(0)" Mean?

JavaScript programming language provides the void keyword which is popularly used as javascipt:void(0) . The void is a special operator which evaluates provided expression as a parameter and returns null. In every case, the void() returns null. As the void dictionary, meaning is completely empty space or nothing. javascript:void(0) Returns as undefined The javascript:void(0) generally … Read more

JavaScript undefined Property

JavaScript undefined Property

JavaScript undefined is a property used to express a specified value that is not defined. The undefined is a primitive value and property of the global object which means it can be accessed and used directly. The undefined property can be used in different cases in most of the checking if a variable is defined … Read more