What Does “CTRL+Z” Do?

The CTRL+Z or Control+Z keys are popular key combinations used to undo previously done actions. The CTRL+Z is mainly called as undo shortcut. In order to work the CTRL+Z key combination both CTRL and Z keys should be pressed at the same time. In order to trigger the CTRL+Z multiple time’s press and release the Z key while pressing the CTRL continuously.

CTRL+Z for Browser

The CTRL+Z key combination can be used with web browsers. The address bar, text box, or forms can accept different characters. When we change these contents we can use the CTRL+Z to reverse back the change. In the following example, we delete the URL in the address bar and then press the CTRL+Z keys to revert back to the original URL.

CTRL+Z for Browser

CTRL+Z for Excel and Word

The CTRL+Z can be used with Microsoft Excel in order to revert back the changes. This can be useful to get back the lost or deleted content. In the following example, we make some changes in Excel and then revert back these changes by using the CTRL+Z. In the following example, we set the values of the cells from 1 to 5 and then press CTRL+Z to revert back. Every press to the CTRL+Z reverts single change back.

CTRL+Z for Excel

CTRL+Z for Linux Bash

The Linux bash command-line interface supports the CTRL+Z key but behaves very differently from other implementations. The CTRL+Z is used to send the currently active process to the background. The process is stopped unless brought back to the foreground. In the following example, we start a ping process that runs in the Linux bash shell and then press the “CTRL+Z” keys which send the ping process to the background. The “[2]+ Stopped ping wisetut.com” message is displayed. Then we run the fg command to bring back the ping process.

CTRL+Z for Linux Bash

CTRL+Z and CTRL+Y Relation

The CTRL+Z is generally used to revert back or undo. The CTRL+Y is used to revert forward which is revert back the CTRL+Z. So simply we can call the CTRL+Y the reverse operation of the CTRL+Z.

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