What Is

The IP address is a special IP address that is used in most computers. The IP address is also called a localhost or loopback address. The is a special IP address that is accessible only from the current computer or host. Other network hosts can not access of other hosts. IP Address

The is a special IP address that is also known and used by system administrators, network administrators, application developers. The is only accessible via the current host. Application developers generally run their web applications in for testing or development purposes. Most of the operating systems like Linux, Windows, MacOSX, etc creates a virtual network interface called Loopback . The Loopback network interface also called as localhost network interface too. The is assigned to this loopback interface in order to work properly. Web Page

The is used to serve web pages only in the current host. As stated previously different web applications can be run at The HTTP is the most popular protocol for web-related communication. The “” means to open the web resources located in the by using the HTTP protocol. If not specified the default HTTP port is 80. Web Page

Also, different port numbers can be used for the In the following example, we connect to the port number 8080 which is added the address like “”. Web Page with Port 8000

Magic of

The IP address has magic which is we can used the IP range in order to use it. For example the IP address refers to the same loopback interface and “” can be used like below.

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