What Is vmmem Process Using All My CPU and Memory?

VMware is a popular virtualization platform used by enterprises and individuals. VMware Workstation used by individuals. The vmmem is a process created and executed by VMware Workstation. The vmmem seems a CPU and Memory monster because in some cases it may consume a lot of memory and CPU. The vmmem is a process that runs VM’s processes and memories. This means the vmmem is the core part of the VM where all VM processes and applications run in vmmem process.

Why vmmem Process Using High CPU and Memory?

VM usage is very popular in our daily life. Every VM requires some host system resources like CPU, Memory, Disk, Network etc. But genrally the CPU and Memory is the most critical resources which can be consumed completely. Configuring VMs with lots of CPU and Memory generally causes them use all provided resources which increases the vmmem process high CPU and Memory usage.

Solve High vmmem CPU and Memory Usage

Solving the high memory and CPU usage of the vmmem process is a very easy and non-technical task. Just shutdown some VMs in order to release memory and CPU resources. Another alternative to solve this problem is setting lower memory and CPU resources for the VMs. Another alternative way to solve this problem is to make VMs lighter and running fewer processes and services inside them. For example, you can stop the Docker service of the VM or stop the MSSQL server some features which release the VM resources.

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